From the Coding Guidelines of NetNewsWire:

Version Control
Every commit message should begin with a present-tense verb


Initial Add Add Add Add Remove Add Add Add Add Add Add Add Add Fix Make Add Unbreak Add Add Add Add Add Add Add Add Add Add Add Delete Add Remove Drop Add Add Add Add Add Add Comment Allow Put Make Update Make Show Wire Avoid Replace Add Add Ignore Add Write Update Remove Merge Generate Merge I Merge.

Provide If Add Merge Fix Merge Fix Merge Merge Update Merge Use Use Start Create Start Extract Start Make Make Get Start Add Turn Add Add Move Fix Add Add.

Commit Continue Move Add Work Continue Continue Delete Convert Convert Convert Convert Convert Remove Converrt Add Replace Set Begin Move Remove Set Continue Add Back Make Start Make Make I Rename Give Start Continue Create Add Make Do.

Get Make Get Attach Progress Make More Continue Make LookupTable. Using Yet More Merge Remove Start Checking Added Start Progress Make Finish Make Turn Make Decide Progress Make Fix Make Create Make Delete Progress. Implement Start.

Implement Create Make Make Make Make Continue Continue Make Continue Deal Get Make Use Call Add Delete Fix Make Marked Use Make Make Update Fix Make Rename Remove Add Prune Switch Save Update Move Merge Fix Update Merge Remove Update Move Update Fix Create Slightly Cache Use Delete Implement Update Update Make Update Move Create Delete Fix Get Move Delete Replace Continue Fix Continue Continue Continue Continue Continue Make Get Make Continue Continue Start Use Create Switch Simplify Update Start Remove Start Rename Do Move Make Fix Start Start Make Init Make Fix Make Init Fix Perform Edit Add.

Make Fix Fix Fix Fix Fix Fix Create Move Remove Make Create Make Rewrite Use Fix Fix Remove Require Add Use Use Send Move Update Keep Update Create Make Call Save Fix Avoid Avoid Set Set Simplify Save Comment-out Add Remove Update Update Include Fix Update Refactor Avoid Handle Handle Rename Update Use Show Make Add Implement Show Update Make Fix Create Update Update Define Handle Make Update Differentiate Add Use Removed Update Change Make Make Post Rejigger Send Rewrite Use Update Move Make Fix Update Maintain Update Update Start Create Switch Begin Clear Rename Update Move Fix Edit Put.

Flesh Craete Fix Create Start Do Start Fix Move Move Read Show Use Use Make Make Make Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Fix Make Switch Make Add Display When Mark Use Add Add Add Add Create Write Allow Write Check Add Remove Calculate Draw Close Start Show Draw Create Add Show Change Add Add Merge Rename Add Post Make Make Run Move Update Add Show Add Remove Add Skip Add Bump Add Add Change Add Change Bump Use Lighten Switch Set Decode Add Expand Set Bump Create Fix Use Create Add Add Add Add Fix Create Treat Update Make Use Add Delete Create Move Implement Remove Bump Switch Disallow Save Start Save Save Create Create Make Create Make Make Bump Make Update Set Darken Create Create Switch Create Make Make Replace Fix Make Create Make Use Fix Implement Use Update Show Return Add Bump Update Check Add Fix Fix Put Note Edit Avoid Log Normalize Print Log Simplify Log Add Start Adjust Pull Add Use Rebuild Add Fix Keep Add Make Parse Get Add Start Add Add Prefer Bump Add Add Add Fix Do Don’t Add Hide Add.

Avoid Update Update Bump Fix Save Use Make Start Add Fix Get Add Add Use Bind When Create Delete Fix Do Increase Fetch Set Show Create Refresh Make Use Update Merge Update Add Start Add Fix Continue Make Define Make Create Make Create Create Parse Fix Base Cache Update Clean Fix Remove Remove Get Increase Add Create Create Remove Remove Remove Add Add Add Make Use Add Draw Skip Add Delete Reuse Parse Remove Bump Update Merge Add Save Refresh Parse Make Add Prefer Test Add Support Add Parse Add Add Make Add Add Fix Add Add Add Add Make Implement Add Style Display Normalized Continue Progress Make Edit Implement Position Bump Update Add Add Update Fix Add Add Link Add Add Add Fix Add Add Fix Add Continue Add Fix Update Use Merge Set Add Merge Update Update Move Implement Merge Clean Move Validate Add Use Use Remove Merge Simplify Return Validate Popup Add Remove Create Improve Set Start Don’t Set Use Use Bump Remove Update Implement Go Add Use Make Bump Update Remove Remove Create Merge Make Continue Continue Show Update Add Update Fix Show Use Put Add Fix Use Update Add Add Show Make Fix Comment Bump Update Freeze Fix Make Show.


Move Move Add Show Fix Check Use Update Make Make Turn Create Remove Draw Add move Merge Merge, Bump Increase Make Start Check Remove Merge Make Decrease Make Update Continue basic Merge revert Merge Make Add Use Add Switch Make User Use Fix Increase Add Bump Change Update Update Add Add Create Add Make Use Use Bump Update Make Unbreak Create Scripting Merge Add revert Merge Add Remove Layout Create Create Make Continue Keep Adjust Remove Reopen Open Restore Hide Display Continue Increase Continue Set Share Create Send Extend Make Add Revise Refer Move Add Handle Use Update Merge Scripting revert Add Merge Remove Download Switch Remove Remove Back Use Remove Add Add Set Make Add Add Add Add Validate Set Merge Consider Register Merge Re-sort Create Build Add Add Create Change It Accept Remove Sender Merge Merge Merge.

Merge convert Merge Merge Start Merge Create Layout Change Add Wire Try Disable Make Delete Remake Make Remove Continue Get Add Add Move Make Remove Bump Update Reorder Remove Create Merge Merge Remove Show Make Show Change Update Restore implement Merge Merge Start Add Merge Add Pass Rearrange Add Use Add Create Add Make Add Add Remove Fetch support Merge Merge Fetch Rename Bump Update Remove Skip Make Remember Fix Make Skip Disallow Punt Make Create Implement Support Add Start Make Support Make Remove Update Bump Update When Skip Make Add Do Merge Hide When Make Update Make Create Delete Remove Add Add Use Use Use Remove Remove Use Create Use Create Use Don’t Use Add Remove Create Move Remove Move Move Fix Remove Move Darken Do Start Show Skip Add Mark Release Make Remove Rewrite Define Tweak Bump Update Give Tweak Draw Show Make Update Merge Switch Remove Create Add Turn Reenable Make Add Use Make Don’t Don’t Remove Replace Make support Remove Start Continue Use Fix Turn Reduce Lower Lighten Tweak Add Skip Make Turn Fix Match Adjust Use Make Turn Revert Hide Fix Make Make Deal Rebuild Bump Update Force Draw Reduce Save Bump Update Start Clean.

Support Merge revert Reset Merge Merge.

Add Merge add Merge better.

Merge Add Merge.

Add Remove Break Break Break Break Break First Merge use Break Break Rename Rename Add Add Add Add Build Update.

Add Get Get Make Add Use Nuke Fix Remove Remove Remove Use Update Merge Really Use Use Make Submodule Remove Submodule Start RSDatabase Remove Rename Move Delete Remove Include.

Update Add Unbreak Merge Oops Merge Add I Change Merge Fix Changes Merge Simplify Update Fix Use Unignore Use Use Use Use Update Use Update Use Use Use Use Use Use Use Use Use Update Update Update Add Update Update Use Update Merge Finish Use 🎉Start Continue🏡 Update Update Revise Merge.

Removed Rename Update Change Use Use Merge Switch Merge Merge Hide Allow Normalize Normalize Fix Make Update Stop Merge Don’t Rename Add Update Add Update Start Keep Use Merge Merge Manually Add Bump Bump Hide Add Add Fixed Fix Merge Merge Don’t Merge Removed Fixed Merge Merge Update Update Change Changed fixed Merge Added Merge Remove Update Bump Update Enabled Merge Enabled Merge Bump Fix Print Fix Give Update Implemented Start Update Rolledback Enabled Changed Enabled Stop Update Update Stop Give Store Stop Merge Don’t Write Merge Merge Changed Added Merge Merge Save Merge Store Store Make Store Store Store Store Skip Write Added On Remove Stop Delete Remove Made Update Skip Merge Modified Updated Disallow Include Register Create Made Made Remove Start Make Refactor Merge Normalize Register Validate Add Accept Make Get Validate Make Added Added Sorted Redo Start Improve Merge Merge Merge 5.0d7. Update Temporarily Fix Include Merge.

Update Continue Complete Fix Similar Merge Merge.

Remove Update Re-enable Make Allow Update Make Update Increment Install Clean Update Update Update.

Clean Update Merge Add Add Make Override Use Enable Add Add Update Update Get Do Disable Update Move Add Remove Add Remove Start Continue Make Remove Add Remove Add Use Rename Remove Make Move Fix Remove Remove Remove Make Add Add Add Add Make Make Add Remove.


changed Merge added Merge Start Merge Send Add Fix Update Run Don’t Start Add Add Add Update Update Add Fix Update Bind Add Switch Keep Update Update Fix Set Bump Close Add Bind Refresh Check Add Fix Switch Update Remove Enable Update Make Bump Tighten Reduce Further Update Bump.

Moving Remove Updates Update Re-sort Restore Make Set Start Update Refresh Bump Drop Update Use Make Add Implement Add Implement Bump added Merge Don’t Don’t Update Make Allow Queue Do Remove Remove Remove Skip Fix Fix Discard Bump Update Skip Stop Update Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Fix Merge Move Merge Remove Get Delete Delete Simplify Simplify Simplify Rationalize Import Start Make Update Quiet Merge Create Update Remove Move Make Remove Make Place Move Create Add Start Start Differentiate Merge Change Fix Merge Work Merge Make Continue Start Continue Remove Make Make Continue Rewire Fix Merge. Update Make Remove Remove Make Update Make Update Update Implement Make Add Index Update Revise Create Show Add Update Remove Revert Bump.

Implemented added Use Remove Get Remove Remove Create Made Recalculate Merge Merge Remove Comment-out Rolled Merge Updated Merge Switch Merge Made Merge updated Merge made Merge add Merge Change Document Delete Create Update Continue Add Import Pull Change Remove Start Continue Update Make Make Skip Remove Remove Perform Do Give Pay Start Update Continue Make Make Move Finish Continue Continue Update Merge Store Update Convert Convert Post Convert Convert.

Remove Set Drop Merge Remove Removed Create Merge Updated Remove Remove Remove Remove Merge Made updated Changed Updated Use Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Update Move Fixed Merge Remove Merge Delete Fix Move Move Remove Remove Major Move set Added updated Remove Work Start Update Save Update Take Made updated Added added Added adding Merge cleared Attempted Design Removed Merge Added Fixed Combined Combined Fixed Implemented Implemented Updated Group Merge Update Update Update Update Merge Updated Established Adjusted Fixed Fixed Changed Cleaned Fixed Added Added Made Added Reduced Fixed Implemented Refactored Made Added Changed Renamed Added Made Implemented Add Remove Add Update Start Create Switch Change Fix Implement Make Fix updated Update Fix Remove Tweak Fixed Change Revise Merge Removed Restored Fix Change Prevent Create Change Update implement Move Change Refactor Encapsulate Implement Add Finish Hide Move Prevent Fix Removed Hide Change Add Implement Fix Make Make Skip Remove Change Add Rename Make Change Add Refactor Enable Comment Implement Change updated Fix Add Implement Updated Add Add Prevent Add Rework Update Change Remove Add Rollback Enable Add Added Made Remove Change Add Enable Tweak Add Add Change Tweak Hack Provide Delete Rename implement Fix Fix Force Fix Made Deselect Deleted Align Make Respond Fix Align Change Slightly Increase Changed Use Add Merge Update Add Merge Add Add Merge Add Change Merge Change Create Change Fix Merge Refer Implement Make Made Merge Set Add Fix Add Fix Reuse Merge Write Add Make Merge.

Rename Add Add Make Rename Rename Add Load Enable Delete Refine Make Make Prevent Implement Make Make Add Implement Implement Tweak Expand Prevent Show Update Updated validate Make Update Made change Add Add refactor Upgraded Pass Modify Rename Add Add Update Fix update make Add Added Fix Add Change Add Save added Add Keep Add Add Add added Update Add Fix Add Update Add Change Use Add Capture Refactor Add Restrict Move add store make Make Place Make Added Change Delete Set Change Add Put Stub Make Speed Use Set Update Merge Add Save Add Fix Delegate Make Save Change Scale Add Add Fix Upgraded Fix Fix Removed Fix Restore Update Add Start Update Add Add Add Rename Add Align Switch Prevent Retrieve Add Fix Scale Merge Update Show Fixed Disable Merge Move Make Remove Remove Add Disable Merge Remove Rename Dismiss Don’t Removed Disable Don’t Dismiss Rename Updated Improved Further Made Add Made Updated Set Add Moved Always Made Merge Allow Update Decrement Simplify Increase Merge Add Add Merge Make Make Updated Implement Make Make Remember Fix Update Remember Add Remember Make Update Update Send Fix Enhance Use Change Merge Remove Correct Use Cleaned Left Improved Removed UI Show Centered Merge Made Fixed Use Update Add Update Remove Update Merge Reformat Remove Add Set Merge Update Merge Correct Update Add Fixed Change Add Wrap Update Update Tweak Revise Add Fix Fix Add Tweak Change Make Update Change Merge Allow Enable Updated Updated Merge Refactor Correct Remove Google Use Point Enable Prevent Remove Handle Enforce Update Authentication Update Merge Rework Enable Corrected Remove Correct Refactor Rename Rename Add Ensure Modify Enable Handle Decoding Refactor Update Validate Fix Clear Remove Make Merge Merge Update Update Remove Provide Made Bump Update Fix.

Cleanup Cleanup Add Make Pop Add Prevent Fix Fix Fix Ensure Fix Remove Fix Move Revert Fixed Merge Resolved Fix Merge Fix escape Fix Merge NetNewsWire upgraded Fix Changed Add Update Make Updated Updated Change Request Show add Merge Update Update Unread Mark Convert Make Add Update Add Fix Dismiss Merge Added Merge Updated Revert Add Added Updated Updated Marking moved Add Use fixed Refactor adding trying fix Merge Add Merge adjusted Made Made Refactor Add Correct Add Update center add Add Merge Revert Add Added Merge Fixes Merge Need Updated Add Merge Merge submodules Merge Move Subscribing Rename Port Add Merge Opens Update Update Update Merge Move Add Add Disbale removed Merge Merge FIrst Change use Fixed Wiring Code Begin Update Update Only Update Merge Update Remove Skip Use Merge Merge Change Move Update Implement Cleanup Merge Merge Adds Merge Renamed Merge Updated some Merge Merge Merge Merge Renamed restores restores Restrict Corrects Merge Merge Changed Switches Adds Switches Rebrand Merge Update Ensure Reduce Update Make Support Low Set SF Merge SF Rolls Deletes Merge Implement Merge Retrieve Temporarily Move Force Navigate Correct Fix Fix Removed Move Temporally Add Change Rename Fix.

Move Run Merge Update Add Encapsulate Move Move Move Remove Change Merge Write Update Update Make Update Add Note Remove Update Merge Update Make Merge Use Update Update Update Mark Make Merge Remove Make Delete Make Make Make Make Make Make Merge Update Use Update Merge Create Merge Merge Add Merge Add fiddle Merge Merge Use Merge Create Merge Updated Use Remove Merge Merge Create Merge Create Create Make Merge Create merge Merge Add Prevent Added Add Fix Hook Change Show Fix Initial Fix Merge Make Merge Help Remove Merge Remove Automatically Rename Change Merge Show Merge In Restore Merge Remove Merge Merge Make Merge Remove Trying Get Merge make Merge rename CLean Skip Merge Integrate Check Merge Merge Merge revert Revert Try Exempt Merge Helpbook: Merge Add Merge Prevent Merge fix Fix fix Merge Merge.

Merge Refactor Make Add Remove Implemented Correctly Adjust Correct The Merge Merge Replace Merge Fix Fix Fix Remove Merge Made Keep Fix Wire Merge Fix Merge Enable Add Merge Fix Deleted Made Remove Fix Fix Merge Reformat Merge Refactor Fix Change Reenable Correct Removed Fix Fix Fix Helpbook: Merge Remove Merge Help Merge Change Merge Merge fix undo Bump Merge Add, Merge Merge Update Fix Merge Bump Merge Use Merge Break Merge Update Add Add Get Update Merge Bump Merge Update Bump Merge Now Merge Update Fix Rearrange Add Add Add Add Center Add Add Add Add Change Do Implement Add Merge Add Remove Move Add Merge Add Add Add Add Move Merge Commenting Fix Work Change fix Replace, Merge Start Port Change Optimize Remove Make Give Refetch Bump Merge Update Add Merge Hack Remove Add Fix Reload Center Center Center Bump Update Merge Bump Merge Add Leverage Merge add Change Add Update.

Congratulations to Brent and others. Enjoy NetNewsWire 5.0